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About Us

Eagle Squadron was created in 1984 as a shared aircraft ownership comprised of individual stockholders, interested in sharing the cost of aircraft ownership. Our strategy is simple, make owning and flying well maintained and upgraded aircraft more affordable through shared ownership.

When you own an aircraft individually, you have all the costs of a loan, hangar, insurance, subscriptions, annual inspection, and those unscheduled maintenance issues.

When you rent an aircraft from a local FBO, you get well used, dirty aircraft that everyone abuses with minimum hour requirements for weekend getaways that turn a 2 hour trip into a 9 hour hit on your wallet.

The solution? Shared aircraft ownership. Eagle Squadron has three aircraft based out of Tampa Executive (KVDF). When you join a partnership, you split fixed costs between multiple individuals, AND get access to multiple well maintained and upgraded aircraft. When you fly, you pay the variable costs of your flight time only. Dividing the fixed expenses among multiple members makes flying much more affordable.

Benefits of shared aircraft ownership:

• Much cheaper than owning an aircraft individually
• Access to multiple aircraft
• Higher quality aircraft than your local FBO


• Hangared aircraft, flown by owners, not renters
• No overnight minimums
• On-line scheduling